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Kim 50th Birthday - 102.JPG
A Garlic Clove Hat At The Stinking Rose.JPG
Skyler Planning To Cause Mischief.JPG
Craig And Scot Testing Garlic Ice Cream.JPG
Scot Spencer And Sean Hanging Loose.JPG
Craig And Debi A Bit More Formal.JPG
Then Off To Seattle For A Break From CA Life.JPG
A Rare Occassion To Go Fancy.JPG
Seattle Downtown From 17 Floors Up.JPG
Even More Dramatic From 600ft On The Space Needle.JPG
Mt Rainier In The Hazy Distance.JPG
The Consumate Guides Dennis And Carolyn.JPG
The Space Needle From Terra Firma.JPG
Ballard Lockes And Maintenance People Providing Scale.JPG
CA Residents Are Not Use To Winter Colors.JPG
Calm Waters This Far Inland Unless The Wind Kicks Up.JPG
Always Beautiful When The Sun Is Out.JPG
Watch Out Mad Man Driver.JPG
As The Sun Goes Down The Tourism Starts.JPG
Piano Man At Pike`s Place.JPG
Fish Market At Pikes Place.JPG
A True Shrine The Original Starbucks.JPG
The Seattle Monorail.JPG
Seattle Aquarium Otters.JPG
Seattle Aquarium Giant Tank.JPG
Underground Seattle Tour Begins With Restrooms.JPG
Walkways Were Needed To Stay Out of The Mud.JPG
Down We Go Again.JPG
The Old Ground Level Was Raised A Full 10ft.JPG
Skylights In The New Street Provided Light During The Transition.JPG
Skylights From Above.JPG
Hollowed Out Trees Served As Water Pipes.JPG
And The Lower Level Became A Dumping Ground.JPG
Frontier Working Women Were Often Called Seamstresses.JPG
The Crapper Designed Toilet Worked Much Better.JPG
The Next Day Transitioned To Modern Seattle.JPG
Now That Is Piston Horse Power.JPG
Carolyn Terry And Kim Take A Break.JPG
Classic Aircraft Design From Early Boeing Factories.JPG
Karen Kenny And Dennis Join The Photos.JPG
P-51 Mustangs Were More Than Just Fast.JPG
They Were Really Good Looking.JPG
Really Early Aircraft Were Well Represented.JPG
Seattle Airplane Museum.JPG
As Were Faster More Modern Designs.JPG
Carolyn Matt And Dennis.JPG
Carolyn`s Aunt Hat Artifacts From China.JPG
Glass Blowing Classes Looked Fun And Very Hot.JPG
Apparently Smaller Items Are Harder Because They Cool Faster.JPG
Someone Has Been Busy.JPG
While Kim Carolyn And Terry Shift Back To Tourist Mode.JPG
A Chocolate Factory Was Too Much To Pass By.JPG
Although The Fremont Area Presents A Range Of Interesting Sights.JPG
And With An Endearing And Cheerful_Growl We Are Set To Depart Seattle.JPG
Kim Jets To A Hawaii Tax Conference.JPG
The Hotel Uekele Store.JPG
Cold And Wind Back Home Was Quickly Forgotten.JPG
Kim neaks Out To Snap A Picture On The Balcony.JPG
Waikiki Is Solid Hotels And Malls.JPG
How The Waikiki Strip Has Grown.JPG
All Up Scale Shopping.JPG
Even A Ferrari Store.JPG
But The Infinite Pool Sunsets Were Also Popular.JPG
As The Conference Ends Kim_Snaps The Classic Hawaiian Sunset.JPG
The High End Living Had To End At Some Point So Back To LA Kim Went.JPG
Some Toops Are Coming Home But Operation Gratitude Is In Full Gear.JPG
750,000 - Packages Some Might Say A Little Too Full.JPG
Samantha Jumps A Plane To Work And To Visit.JPG
Kency And Evan Also Get Dragged Into The Holiday Card Assembly Line.JPG
Although Skyler And Scot Have A Little Trouble Focussing.JPG
Then Skyler Takes Samantha Off The Assembly Line.JPG
Still Holiday Preparations Must Go On.JPG
Samantha And Skyler Kickin Back.JPG
Samantha And Sklyer Having Fun.JPG
The Hanukkah Bush Gets Its Usual Dreidels.JPG
Samantha Sidecca`s Newest Hot Model.jpg
Samantha Real Work Modeling For Sidecca - 102.jpg
Samantha Real Work Modeling For Sidecca - 103.jpg
Off We Go On A Gruesome Murders Tour.JPG
But Hollywood Is Very Unpredictable.JPG
Samantha Wanted To See A Different Side of LA.JPG
A Suspected Black Dalia Murder Site.JPG
The Rebecca Shafer Murder Triggered Many Of The Current Stalking Laws.JPG
Lyle And Eric Menendez Took Their Parents Out Here.JPG
Samantha Visit Dec 2011 - 147.JPG
Poor Bugsy Siegel.JPG
The Last Watering Hole Of River Phoenix.JPG
This Gate Wasn`t Very Funny On John Bellushi`s Last Day.JPG
Our Dearly Departed Tour Guide.JPG
Does This Sign Really Say LPs.JPG
Samantha Starts Bundling Up Preparing For Mid-West Cold Weather.JPG
Santa Has Been Busy Again This Year.JPG
As Usual The Loot Is Divided Up Before The Parents Roll Out Of Bed.JPG
College Bound And Hoping To Be The Only Student Not In Wrinkled Shirts.JPG
Scot Is In Hot Sauce Heaven.JPG
Put It On A Tee-Shirt And It Might Come True.JPG
Bucky Ball Magnets Are A Hit For A Second Time.JPG
Then Off To The Johnson`s For The Traditional Holiday Brunch.JPG
The Kavenaugh Clan Less Robin.JPG
The Party Starts Breaking Down By Age.JPG
Adults Try To Save The World.JPG
Or At Least Take Lots Of Pictues.JPG
And The Younger Adults Start Getting Goofy.JPG
The Day Of Never Ending Food Wraps Up With Chinese.JPG
The Traditional Jewish Christmas Feast.JPG
The Guest Of Honor For The Jay In LA Party 2011 Version.JPG
Joel And Terry Help Kim Sneak A Bite.JPG
Ginny And Sidney - Friends Since Kindergarten.JPG
Mallory Lisa And Molly Are Regulars To The Event.JPG
Brenda And Linda Have World Peace Just About Worked Out.JPG
While Spencer And Bernie Play Cell Phone Games.JPG
Sean Scot And Evan Raise The Game Intensity.JPG
While Skyler Tries To Figure Out What Games A Girls Phone Would Have.JPG
But Terry And Kim Stick To Serious Business.JPG
Which Includes Birthday Desert Planning.JPG
Ron Jay Brenda Kim And Lisa All Qualify As Recent Fifty - Somethings.JPG
Even Great Events Have To End Some Time.JPG
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