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Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Park.JPG
Mary Petrofsky and Kim in Battery Park.JPG
San Francisco has a little bit of everything.JPG
Fisherman's Warf 2014 style.JPG
Quite the selection of caps for sale on the Wharf.JPG
A wonderful celebration of Jay Cuetara.JPG
More to see of Jay's personal story.JPG
Jay Cuetara - We will love and miss him forever.JPG
Jay Cuetara 1962-2013 Always in our Hearts.JPG
Friends and co-workers were all there to remember Jay.JPG
Sneaking in a long overdue meet up with Davin and Susan.JPG
Of course Tom bolted before the pictures, but he also missed an amazing lunch with Carolyn.JPG
The Stepiens's dog was ready for a road trip to LA.JPG
Back at home for a laid back 25th birthday for Spencer.JPG
With Evan heading to Singapore, Scot starts his crazy face pictuer thing.JPG
Best friends since they were five, the triplets from different mothers are all grown up.JPG
And off again to Boise and a visit with Grandpa Mark.JPG
Express Cafe - yummy local cuisine for breakfast in Idaho.JPG
The moose hunt story is one for the ages, and the buck was off-hand, 300yds, 3-hits.JPG
The sharpshooter can cook breakfast as well.JPG
Boise Peneteniary - closed in 1973 after the riot burned several buildings down.JPG
Comfort wasn't a priority in the Idaho Pen.JPG
Later rooms got bigger and nicer, but this was for 4 inmates.JPG
Death Row was exactly as awful as you would imagine.JPG
The Isolation cells - also known as Siberia.JPG
No windows on the building, and no light or air coming through the door.JPG
Let's say the accommodations in Siberia were sparse.JPG
Back outside in teh cornfields and enjoying the scenery like young adults do these days.JPG
Mark and Jo Ann were hosting 3 minor league baseball players this season.JPG
Grandapa Mark representing for the Boise Hawks.JPG
A new form of transportation for us Big City folks heading back from Boise.JPG
Visiting Walla Walla WA for teh wedding of our niece Carah and fiance Chuck.JPG
We were not diassapointed in local Wall Walla cuisine.JPG
Kim ordered porridge (sort of like oatmeal) and food for a family of four arrived.JPG
Atrriving at Chuck and Carah's wedding.JPG
Berlin and Christian (LaNisha's kids) were a hoot the entire trip.JPG
A good sign when the groom is rushing to the alter.JPG
Ron's sister Terry and bride Carah down the aisle - Carah's thoughts were 15 minutes then party.JPG
The bride and groom say their vows.JPG
A beautiful creakside setting for a wonderful event.JPG
Terry's girls, Christa, LaNisha, Carah, Lesli (Terry) and Charity.JPG
Chuck, Carah and Terry.JPG
Ron and sister Terry - Not a bad picture at all.JPG
Back to Wedding business, and a beautiful cake.JPG
Breakfast at an authentic biker dive.JPG
Proud of their heritage, and in need of coffee in large amounts.JPG
Some great signs - my favorite is the 'More Cowbell'.JPG
Sean's return to UCLA may not count as a trip, so this could be an empty nesting celebration.JPG
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