Empty_Nest_Syndrome_2012 (image 1 through 49 of 49)
Jonathan Halloween Party 2012-109.JPG
Jonathan and Tabita Rock Halloween.JPG
Gangnam Style Dancing.JPG
Then Kim's Off To Hawaii for a Tax Conference.JPG
How Things Have Grown In Waikiki.JPG
You Can't Beat The Natural Beauty.JPG
Although Some Prefer A Pool To An Ocean.JPG
A Sand Sculpture in the Works in Hawaii .JPG
Spencer and Ron Wash Spencer's New Mazda RX-009.JPG
Things Always Get Better Care When Purchased With Your Own Money.JPG
The Holiday Card Assembly Line.JPG
Holiday Letter Assembly Line 2012-102.JPG
Andrew Silversteins Ski Themed Bar Mitzvah 2012-106.JPG
Andrew Ski Themed Bar Mitzvah 2012-112.JPG
Andrew Ski Themed Bar Mitzvah 2012-114.JPG
Proud Parents - Sheryl and Danny.JPG
Andrew Ski Themed Bar Mitzvah 2012-118.JPG
Joel and Terri Join The Jay-In-LA-Fun.JPG
Linda, Jay and Brenda at the Jay-In-LA Party.JPG
Jay-In-LA Party 2012-108.JPG
Craig, Debi, Spencer and Mona at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-110.JPG
Debi and Jay at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-115.JPG
Cards Against Humanity Game at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-116.JPG
Spencer and Mona at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-117.JPG
Spencer and Mona at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-130.JPG
Three New College Students Home For Break - Scot Sean and Evan 2012-131.JPG
Debi Jay and Kim at the Jay-In-LA Party 2012-133.JPG
Christmas Morning 2012-101.JPG
Christmas Morning 2012-103.JPG
Spencer Assumes His Traditional Christmas Morning Pose 2012-113.JPG
Sean-ta Claus Christmas Morning 2012-114.JPG
Spencer Opens His Chicken Gift Christmas Morning 2012-117.JPG
Scot Ready With the Hot Sauce Christmas Morning 2012-118.JPG
Ahh, Better View Of the Hot Sauce Christmas Morning 2012-119.JPG
Sean's Make Believe Elements Poster 2012-124.JPG
Spencer's Hawaii Board Shorts 2012-125.JPG
Kim's Holiday Sweater Christmas Morning 2012-133.JPG
Scot Vogues Christmas Morning 2012-142.JPG
Sean Vogues Too Christmas Morning 2012-144.JPG
Spencer Vogues As Well Christmas Morning 2012-147.JPG
Skyler, Scot and Kim Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-108.JPG
Sidney and Steve Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-112.JPG
Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-115.JPG
Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-117.JPG
Jamie Marc and Robyn Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-118.JPG
Jonathan and Tabita Johnson Party 2012-125.JPG
Sibling Love Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-127.JPG
The Bujarski Family Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-135.JPG
Sisters Christmas Afternoon Johnson Party 2012-140.JPG
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