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Our standard family vacation photo; this time we are bound for Boston and DC.jpg
Boston Streets - A horse and buggy would fit better.jpg
In this economy, five cents needs protection.jpg
At the Boston Museum of Science,they demonstrated lungs and a heart.jpg
Because frozen chicken just won't do.jpg
In a Psychiatric Emergency, don't forget the 'E'.jpg
Harvard Central Courtyard.jpg
Harvard Coop Book Store seemed vaguely like something out of Harry Potter.jpg
Art collection at MIT - and yes, this really is at MIT.jpg
ATO House in disarray, closed for business.jpg
On the Charles River in front of the Crew Boat House.jpg
These new warnings should help the trucks - in his MIT days, Ron saw trucks that did not fit.jpg
MIT student Smoot was rolled 364.4 times and voila a new unit of measurement was developed!.jpg
Sean contemplates at MIT - Maybe, we'll have to see.jpg
Lots of boats in Boston Harbor.jpg
USS Constitution, Old Ironsides.jpg
Oldest Commissioned Warship still in the water - and she is still part of the US Fleet.jpg
Coast Guard Cutter 'Spencer' is the ship on the left.jpg
Workable Mass Transit in both Boston and DC.jpg
Boston's Museum Of Fine Arts, or (as we called it) Unclothed People.jpg
Mummies fit for a Prince.jpg
The Greek Section of the Museum was the most entertaining.jpg
And the most vulgar....jpg
The Museum's presentation was as nice as the paintings.jpg
For some reason, this artist liked emaciated men with a cross, a pick, and a human skull.jpg
Monet was more traditional.jpg
But the nudity continued......jpg
A Classic Renoir.jpg
What we termed Giga-Silver.jpg
Boston Commons, Swan Boat Tourist Trap.jpg
An old cemetary just outside of Boston Commons.jpg
Granary Burying Ground - that's Paul Revere, on the right.jpg
Granary Burying Ground - John Hancock seemed fixated on his own name.jpg
Granary Burying Ground is home to Samuel Adams, the Organizer of the Revolution.jpg
King's Chappel - For warmth (and status) each family had their own Box that they could furnish as they desired.jpg
The Old South Meeting House was a Church built in the style of the time.jpg
Back in the 21st century and the largest Borders we've ever seen.jpg
The New Faneuil Hall.jpg
Across From The Original Faneuil Hall which is now a mini-mall - how sad!.jpg
Paul Revere's Home, no pictures allowed on the inside.jpg
One if by Land, Four Red Heads if by Sea.jpg
Old Town Taverns and the The Union Oyeter House, one of the oldest restaraunts in the US on the left.jpg
The Duck Tour takes you by Land and by Sea.jpg
This Reflection of our tour group shows how.jpg
A very interesting European Style Church that we can't remember the name of.....jpg
Charlestown Bridge - made possible by the Big Dig (or the rest of the Country's tax dollars hard at work).jpg
Our Duck Tour Driver was very funny.jpg
And the clowning around didn't stop on the Tour.jpg
That's Sean.jpg
That's Spencer.jpg
And That's Scot.jpg
Believe it or not, this is a Prison! But the neighbors did not want it to look like one....jpg
Although a Sports Bar, Harp's Restaraunt won for the Best Chowder in Boston - we agreed.jpg
Walking on The Freedom Trail.jpg
Old Style Fire House.jpg
Bunker Hill Monument, Celebrated Battle but not a Victory.jpg
So this is where this phrase came from.jpg
The Yellow is now all landfill.jpg
Our legs were very sore after the climb - except Kim, who wimped out!.jpg
We arrive in DC - not exactly the first shop we were expecting to see.jpg
Marine Corp War Memorial at night.jpg
Perhaps all this vacationing wore them out....jpg
Then the power went out, completely out, at our hotel.jpg
A Congressional Aide (from the Valley, no less!) taking us through the US Capital Tunnels.jpg
The Capital Visitor's Center.jpg
Underthe Dome in the Capital Building.jpg
Statues and Flags Everywhere.jpg
The Rotunda of the US Capital Building (where US Dignitaries lay in State).jpg
Two statues chosen by eash state surround this room in the Capital - check out California's statue of Father Junipero Sera (Reagan is our other one).jpg
A great shot of the Capital Building.jpg
Congressional Offices, the Senate has their own street of offices as well.jpg
Agricultural Sub-Committee Room.jpg
The Supreme Court.jpg
The Court itself is actually quite plain.jpg
Statue of Chief Justice John Marshall.jpg
Interesting residential architecture - better like your neighbors!.jpg
The Metro - DC's very well run and well laid out subway system.jpg
The Departmet of the Treasury.jpg
What you usually don't see in front of the White House.jpg
These aren't the usual visitors either.jpg
But this guy has been there 365-7-24 since 1981.jpg
They must Photoshop the White House shots on the news.jpg
Scot, getting his fair token From the Dept of the Treasury.jpg
Some of the subway stations are a bit far underground.jpg
But, You-Know-Who is constantly flying around overhead.jpg
Timed Streetlights - the longest time to cross we saw was 92 seconds.jpg
The DC Holocaust Museum.jpg
Good advice for all ages.jpg
The Dept Of Agriculture Building goes on for blocks.jpg
At the WWII Memorial.jpg
Facing the Atlantic Conflict Column.jpg
Not as much respect as one might hope.jpg
Each Star represents 100 deaths.jpg
The Korean War Memorial with very sage words.jpg
And Sobering images.jpg
From the Lincoln Memorial all the way down the Mall.jpg
Four Score And Twenty....jpg
An Imprint to Remember A Viet Nam casualty by.jpg
A Long Polished Wall of name after name after name.jpg
The Memorial to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence - overrun by geese.jpg
The back of The White House has quite a lawn.jpg
The Grant Memorial with Lady Liberty Breaking Free.jpg
All Free Now.jpg
Highlights at The Museum of Crime and Punishment.jpg
America's Most Wanted is filmed on site.jpg
Scot makes it to the Big Screen.jpg
The Library Of Congress looks more like a Palace.jpg
Again with the artist freedom thing.jpg
United States Constitution, Work In Progess shown at the Library of Congress.jpg
The Founding Fathers took each word seriously, but S's are sometimes F's.jpg
Not as serious.jpg
Statues, finally fully free and wet, made us laugh.jpg
The Official Tourist shot of The Capital.jpg
Some tourists wimped out but we actually walked EVERYWHERE!.jpg
The National Air and Space Museum, Sputnik on the right.jpg
A real Preditor.jpg
The Actual Wright Flyer(without Orville or Wilbur, of course!).jpg
Across the Atlantic in The Spirit of St Louis.jpg
Recovered Mercury Module.jpg
This SS-20 and Pershing II Missles are real as well.jpg
Next they recovered Gemini Module.jpg
Finally, the Actual Apollo 11 Command Module.jpg
The National Gallery - not all the Museums had only paintings.jpg
Of course The National Gallery also had some Renoir pieces.jpg
The National Archives holds the United States Constitution Original Document.jpg
Three Pages And Done, Now Sign.jpg
The Declaration of Independence was chemically etched to a copper plate.jpg
Many 'Original' prints were then made from the copper plate.jpg
Our Tour Guides were greatly appreciated.jpg
A moment in infamy.....jpg
The three are GPS guided 'Spies In The City'.jpg
A Museum for News- the Newseum.jpg
Sasha in all her glory.jpg
But Scot and Sean were baffled by the Modern Art at the Hirshhorn Museum.jpg
Hirshhorn liked to collect Magritte - truly a strange artist.jpg
Jefferson Memorial, the Conservative of the Founders.jpg
The Washington Monument.jpg
Our Double Decker Bus Tour of DC with Rachel and Sasha.jpg
The Liturgical Dancer at Jeff and Benita's wedding.jpg
And Jeff was only moderately nervous!!.jpg
The Flower Girl loved her time in the spotlight.jpg
Jeff and Benita make it through the tough part.jpg
The Taylor Family is pleased with the outcome.jpg
As is the Copeland Family.jpg
Of course, Benita has the Biggest Smile.jpg
Jeff and Mom share a special moment.jpg
And the Celebration continues.jpg
The Single Men get ready to duck and cover.jpg
Benita and Jeff's new Brother-In-Law, Benjamin.jpg
All danced out, but honored to be involved.jpg
Arlington National Cemetary, Acre After Acre.jpg
JFK And Jackie and the Eternal Flame.jpg
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You.jpg
Chief Justice William Rehnquist.jpg
Robert Kennedy has the only wooden cross marker.jpg
Emory And Emory Jr, Both Rear Admirals.jpg
Changing of the Guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.jpg
'Known But To God'.jpg
Audie Murphy should be known to everyone.jpg
The Original Smithsonian Museum, before it became 20 buildings.jpg
Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers.jpg
Andrew, Rachel and Sasha kept us going all over Washington DC.jpg
A Sabertooth Deer.jpg
The Hope Diamond, it used to be even bigger.jpg
Crown Jewels Number 1.jpg
Crown Jewels Number 2.jpg
And Opals, Opals, Opals.jpg
An Allosaurus looking for a meal.jpg
Sean points out that whales used to have legs And Feet.jpg
And some ancient fish could eat your head.jpg
Sasha relaxing - just for a 'yittle' bit.jpg
The International Spy Museum was very very cool but you could not take any pix!.jpg
The Full Gang Poses.jpg
Then enters The National Portait Gallery.jpg
An American Contemporary take on traditional styles, very impressive.jpg
Reagan and Bush (in a rather novel approach).jpg
Micro Fine Leaded Glass Work.jpg
A sad farewell to our wonderful hosts.jpg
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