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Waiting for Samantha....jpg
Samantha arrives for her annual Christmas visit 2009.jpg
Waiting for luggage.....jpg
Everyone immediately has to check their computers.jpg
Samantha texting, as usual.jpg
Spencer dons winter attire to cut down (err, assemble) the Hannukah Bush.jpg
Assembly complete.jpg
Kim decorates the mini Hannukah Bush.jpg
All aglow in blue and white lights.jpg
The two Hannukah Bushes in all their glory.jpg
Samm and Kim get artistic.jpg
Samm's art project.jpg
Let the Gingerbread House competition begin!!.jpg
Team Two contemplates the strategy.jpg
Oops - change of strategy.jpg
Scot and Sean go for the Jewish theme.jpg
Kim and Ron's blatant request.jpg
Scot and Sean's new strategy revealed.jpg
Spencer is really into it while teammate Samm watches.jpg
Spencer's new shirt is just not that important.jpg
Samm loves her new shirt (and LA loves her).jpg
Our annual Grinch viewing.jpg
Kim and Ron's 3rd place finish.jpg
Santa still comes to visit.jpg
Sean reading, as usual.jpg
Spencer is just too tired to open presents.jpg
Samantha opens a gift.jpg
Sean gets.... a book!.jpg
Scot opens his new I-Home.jpg
How appropriate!.jpg
Everyone shows their annual calendar.jpg
Spencer loves orange Tic-Tacs.jpg
Samantha's feet now all warm and cozy.jpg
Xmas Day at the Johnson Home.jpg
The Boden Family.jpg
Zadie having a good time.jpg
Bujarskis, Johnsons and Kavanaughs (and freinds).jpg
Mmmmm --- food and conversation.jpg
The Kavanaugh Family.jpg
Jonathan, Tabita and Robert.jpg
The B-men!.jpg
The Cousins!.jpg
Samantha bakes for the Jay in LA party.jpg
Jay and a camera shy Alicia.jpg
Brenda and Lisa.jpg
Samm and Scot.jpg
Bud, Kim and Mary.jpg
Kim and Bernie.jpg
Brenda's Famous Peanut Butter Balls.jpg
Samm models her new clothes.jpg
Jay in LA Party guests.jpg
Jay and Brenda.jpg
Linda, Amy and Kim.jpg
Jay and Kim.jpg
Jay and the Bujarski Family.jpg
Scot teaches everyone Israeli Dance.jpg
And everyone loves it.jpg
The dancing continues.jpg
Scot does his best MJ impersonation.jpg
More dancing.....jpg
Samm checks out Scot and Sean's winning house.jpg
Spencer and Samm's 2nd place finish.jpg
Such detail......jpg
Even with bricks!.jpg
But still, only second place .....jpg
The Bujarskis at MB2 Raceway.jpg
Getting ready to race.jpg
Look at Ron go!.jpg
And their off......jpg
Getting ready for race number 2.jpg
The final score!.jpg
Da Paja and Stig's Ginger cousin discuss.jpg
Samm, Ron, Spencer and Sean at MB2.jpg
At MB2's F1 car.jpg
Getting ready for I Fly - indoor skydiving.jpg
Ready to go!.jpg
See Samm Fly!.jpg
See Sean Fly.jpg
Spencer and Scot waiting.jpg
Was that fun, Samm!!!!.jpg
New Year's Eve!.jpg
Oh, no, Samm - too much Silly String.jpg
Samm and Skyler have a fun New Year's Eve.jpg
Samm and Sean and Silly String.jpg
Samm does Biology homework.jpg
The Bujarski Cousins.jpg
The Isaacson Family visits.jpg
Sean bowls a strike.jpg
Samm tiring of biology, maybe.....jpg
Sidney and Samantha.jpg
The Cousin Butt Shot.jpg
And... The Cousin Pyramid!.jpg
Samm and Spencer at the airport.jpg
But the flight was way too early!.jpg
Marshall back in the USA.jpg
Everyone visits for lunch.jpg
Grandy, Bud and Zadie.jpg
Scot and Sean help Spencer move back to UCLA.jpg
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