Israel Trip Summer 2008 (image 1 through 234 of 234)
01-01 On Our Way Out of LA.jpg
01-02 Our NY Connection Was Very Interesting.jpg
01-03 Arrival in Tel Aviv.jpg
01-04 We Sat Next to Holocaust Survivor and Author Jack Ratz.jpg
01-05 Ben Gurion Airport - Gateway to Israel.jpg
01-06 Sunset Over the Mediterranean Sea From Our Hotel in Tel Aviv.jpg
02-01 Latrun Memorial - Big Guns Fit Our Style.jpg
02-02 Latrun is Israel`s Version of The Viet Nam Memorial.jpg
02-03 Ayalon Institute - The Secret Bullet Factory Entrance.jpg
02-04 Underground Bullet Factory Helped Win the War of Independence and Launch the State.jpg
02-05 Underground Tanning Booth to Keep the British Confused.jpg
02-06 The Best Lunch of The Trip - Really.jpg
02-07 Jaffa Port on the Mediterranean- 8,000 Years and Still Running.jpg
02-08 Old Town Jaffa Grew into Modern Day Tel Aviv.jpg
02-09 Still an Eclectic Location in Jaffa.jpg
02-10 The Cats Have Taken Over Jaffa.jpg
03-01 History Lesson Begins With Stories of Ben Gurion and Independence Hall.jpg
03-02 Memorial Commemorates Yitzhak Rabin's Assassination.jpg
03-03 Continuing on to Tel Aviv University.jpg
03-04 The Diaspora Museum.jpg
03-05 But Lots of Learning also Takes Place at the Shopping Bazaars.jpg
03-06 Hundreds of Bats Hide in Dark Corners.jpg
04-01 Shabbat in Tel Aviv - We Are On Our Own to Check Out the Med Sea.jpg
04-02 Pictures That You Get When a Nineteen Year Old Male Has the Camera.jpg
04-03 And Yet Another Example of Spencer's Sense of Humor.jpg
04-04 The Day Ends Swimming at the Pool at the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv.jpg
04-05 Another Mediterranean Sunset.jpg
05-01 Caesarea As A Modern-Day Concert Hall.jpg
05-02 05-02 But it Was Originally Meant For Gladiators.jpg
05-03 King Herod Named the City for Caesar and Loved The Roman Style.jpg
05-04 05-02 The Gladiator Pit.jpg
05-05 Tourists At The Waterfront.jpg
05-06 Unusual Name For A Restaurant.jpg
05-07 On To Haifa With Other US Companies.jpg
05-08 The Bahai Gardens And Shrines in Haifa.jpg
05-09 Haifa West From Mt Carmel.jpg
05-10 Haifa Looking North.jpg
05-11 Our Bus Arrives at Acre (Pronounced Ac-co).jpg
05-12 The Arab Market is a Bit Different From US Supermarkets.jpg
05-13 Khan El Uumdan in Acre Shows the Roman Influence.jpg
05-14 From Lebanon Border Looking South.jpg
05-15 Rosh Hanikra Grotto.jpg
05-16 Rosh Hanikra Grotto From the Outside.jpg
05-17 A Tram Takes You Down.jpg
05-18 The Grotto and the Border is Closer To Beirut Than Jerusalem.jpg
05-19 The Lebanon Border is on the Other Side of the Gate.jpg
05-20 The Tour Group Kibbitzes at Kibbutz Lavi.jpg
05-21 Kibbutz Lavi Gardens.jpg
06-01 Jeep Tour at the Foot of the Golan Heights.jpg
06-02 Kibbutz Lavi Nearing Harvest Time.jpg
06-03 The Beginning of the Jordan River.jpg
06-04 Our Jeep Driver Explains Israel's Logisitcal Importance in Ancient Times.jpg
06-05 Holy City of Safed is the Home of Kabbala and a Beautiful Artist's Colony.jpg
06-06 Safed Has Seen Some Fighting.jpg
06-07 And Founded Several Religions.jpg
06-08 Kabbala's Original Temple.jpg
06-09 Books As Old As Paper.jpg
06-10 A Facinating Story and the Picture Now Hangs in Our House.jpg
06-11 Girls You Can Bring Home To Mom.jpg
06-12 Greek Tribute to the God Pan.jpg
06-13 Banias Springs in Honor of Pan.jpg
06-14 The Original Town For Assassins.jpg
06-15 Golan Heights With Syrian Towns in the Background.jpg
06-16 Left Overs From 1967 (the Tank, That Is).jpg
07-01 Tiberias and the Grave of the Great Doctor and Philosopher Rambam (aka Maimonides).jpg
07-02 Each Side Sees Half of Maimonides Tomb.jpg
07-03 Beit Shean is Israel's Largest Archeological Dig.jpg
07-04 Very Greek And Roman.jpg
07-05 But A Real Fixer Upper.jpg
07-06 And it Comes With 3 Kids.jpg
07-07 Mosaic Floor From the Byzantine Era at Beit Alpha Temple.jpg
07-08 Sachne Spring Where We Got a Break From The Heat.jpg
07-09 More West Bank Bedouin Camps.jpg
07-10 Apparently They Have Some Interesting Advertisements in Jerusalem.jpg
07-11 Clear US Slant.jpg
08-01 Entering to the Western Wall In Jerusalem Shows More Gender Separation.jpg
08-02 The Western Wall.jpg
08-03 The Kotel Tunnels are Underneath the Western Wall.jpg
08-04 One of the Earlier Entrance Gates to Jerusalem was Sealed By Romans.jpg
08-05 Closest Point To Abraham`s Choice - the Holiest of the Holy.jpg
08-06 The Rabbi's Tunnels Now Require Some Modern Day Reinforcement.jpg
08-07 The Men's Side of the Western Wall.jpg
08-08 More of the Men's Side -Not Usually Seen.jpg
08-09 And the Women Have A Separate Section.jpg
08-10 Leaving the Western Wall to Check Out the Old City.jpg
08-11 Graffiti on a 3000 Year Old Wall - How Sad.jpg
08-12 Ruins From the Period of the First Temple - 960 BCE.jpg
08-13 Evidence of Israel's Unfriendly Neighbors.jpg
08-14 Ron Takes a Break From Hours of Shopping in the Cardo.jpg
08-15 More American Influence.jpg
08-16 The Bujarski Family Scenic Shot Overlooking Jerusalem.jpg
08-17 The View From Mt. Zion - King David's Tomb.jpg
08-19 King David's Tomb.jpg
08-20 Views From the Old City.jpg
08-21 View of Jerusalem From Mount of Olives.jpg
08-22 Israel's Largest and Oldest Jewish Cemetery.jpg
08-23 The Bujarski Boys on Mount of Olives.jpg
08-24 The Dark Knight Opened While We Were There - In Hebrew, Of Course.jpg
09-01 Thursday Morning is Bar Mitzvah Day at the Western Wall.jpg
09-02 The Bujarski Males Show Off Their New Kippot.jpg
09-03 Prayers Left By Many at the Western Wall.jpg
09-04 The Quintessential Tourist Shot In Front of the Western Wall.jpg
09-05 The View Out of the Bus on the Way to Yad Vashem.jpg
09-06 The Pillar of Heroism Commemorating Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust.jpg
09-07 Janusz Korczak Square in Memory of the Great Jewish-Polish Educator.jpg
09-08 The Grave of Theodor Herzl - Founder of Modern Day Zionism.jpg
09-09 Grave of Yitzhak and Leah Rabin - a Different Shape Tomb Because He Did Not Die a Natural Death.jpg
09-10 The Grave of Golda Meir.jpg
09-11 A Model of Jerusalem From the Second Temple Period.jpg
09-12 The Second Temple As it Existed in 400 BCE - 70 CE.jpg
09-13 The Shrine of the Book - This Side is the Side of Goodness and Light.jpg
09-14 This Side Represents Darkness and Evil.jpg
09-15 Scot and Sean on the Side of Light.jpg
09-16 Spencer - Well, You Decide ....jpg
09-17 The Giant Menorah in Front of the Knesset.jpg
09-18 The Knesset - Seat of Israeli Government.jpg
10-01 Entering Qumran - the Site of the Dead Sea Scrolls.jpg
10-02 West Bank Bedouin Goat Herders.jpg
10-03 A Replica of the Cave Where the Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found in Earthenware Jars.jpg
10-04 Part of One of the Scrolls - They Found Every Book in the Old Testament Except the Book of Esther.jpg
10-05 Qumran Has Many Mikvahs (Ritual Baths).jpg
10-06 The Entrance to the Cave Where the Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found by a Bedouin Goat Herder.jpg
10-07 Heading Towards the Tram to Masada.jpg
10-08 The Tram Sure Beats Walking.jpg
10-09 The Storage Rooms at Masada.jpg
10-10 Remains of the Roman Encampments.jpg
10-11 Our Tour Had Our Own Bar Mitzvah Celebration at Masada.jpg
10-12 The Whole Group - Except Marty Who is Behind the Pillar.jpg
10-13 Sean and Kim Float in the Dead Sea.jpg
10-14 West Bank Bedouin Encampment with a Camel Too.jpg
10-15 West Bank and the Beginning of the Dividing Wall.jpg
10-16 This Gallery Owner Came to Our Temple and We Bought This Picture - Imagine Our Surprise When We Saw Another Version of It On Display in Jerusalem.jpg
11-01 The Shopping Bazaar Near Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.jpg
11-02 More Views of the Old City.jpg
11-03 The Via Dolorosa, Where Christ (and now Coke) Walked - Our Tour of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross Begins.jpg
11-04 The Third Station Where Jesus Falls for the First Time.jpg
11-05 The Entrance to The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.jpg
11-06 The 12th Station of the Cross - the Calvary Where Jesus Died.jpg
11-07 The 13th Station - The Stone of Annointment Where Jesus Was Washed.jpg
11-08 The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Ceiling.jpg
11-09 Another View of the Ceiling of the Church.jpg
11-10 A Ray of Light For the Second Coming.jpg
11-10 The Anastasia - the Entrance to the Cave Where Christ Was Buried.jpg
11-11 Abdullah - Our Armenian Christian Tour Guide Who Was Related to Every Shopowner in the Via Dolorosa.jpg
11-12 The HOLY Jerusalem Bagel.jpg
11-13 Interesting Parking Technique In Jerusalem.jpg
11-14 Our Visit With Rachel - Tali's Aunt.jpg
12-01 Our Home in Jerusalem - the Dan Panorama.jpg
12-02 All Those Trees Planted in Jerusalem in Honor Of Life Cycle Events.jpg
12-03 Air Force Personnel Looked Pretty Good to the Boys.jpg
12-04 Scot and Sean Check out an Experimental Aircraft.jpg
12-05 One of Only Two Orignal Lavi Israeli Militrary Planes Ever Built.jpg
12-06 More Israeli Military Personnel - with Guns and a Pink Backpack.jpg
12-07 How Do These Trees Grow in the Middle of the Negev.jpg
12-08 Sean at the Entrance to David Ben Gurion's Retirement Home at Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev.jpg
12-09 David Ben Gurion's Library and Desk.jpg
12-10 David Ben Gurion's Tomb Overlooking the Zin Valley.jpg
12-11 The Bujarski Family Overlooks the Zin Valley.jpg
12-12 Wildlife in the Negev.jpg
12-13 Settlement in the Negev.jpg
12-14 Ramon Meteor Crator in the Negev.jpg
12-15 King Solomon's Pillars - Natural Rock Formations.jpg
12-16 Spencer Scot and Sean Holding Up the Rocks.jpg
12-17 Believe it or Not This Tree is Alive in the Negev.jpg
12-18 The Camel Rock Formation.jpg
12-19 We Arrive in Eilat at the Eilat Stone Jewelry Factory.jpg
12-20 Our View of the Harbor in Eilat from the Balcony of Our Room at the Dan Panorama.jpg
13-01 The Border Between Jordan and Israel - Notice the Language Choices.jpg
13-02 The World's Tallest Flag Pole According to Guinness - But They Don't Know How Big the Flag Is.jpg
13-04 Jordan On the Way to Petra.jpg
13-05 The Bedouin Village Taken Over By King Hussein and Turned Into a Five Star Hotel.jpg
13-06 Standard Scenic Shot.jpg
13-07 Hollywood Used Petra as a Set for the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie.jpg
13-08 Jordan's Former King Hussein and The Current King Abdullah.jpg
13-09 Our Standard Walking Shot But This Time in Petra on an Ancient Roman Road.jpg
13-10 Trees Grow Out of the Rocks Since There is so Much Moisture in the Rocks.jpg
13-11 Examples of Why Petra is One of the Wonders of the World.jpg
13-12 But This is the Real Reason.jpg
13-13 Now You Really See Why - Tombs Carved INTO the Stone Mountains.jpg
13-14 Traditional Petra Garb.jpg
13-15 Scot Checks Out the Camel - Or is it the Other Way Around.jpg
13-15 Truly Turkish Coffee and Cigarettes.jpg
13-16 More of the Wonders of Petra.jpg
13-17 Petra.jpg
13-18 More Wonders of Petra.jpg
13-19 And Of Course, The Gift Shop at the End of the Ride.jpg
13-20 Scot Takes a Donkey Back to the Bus.jpg
13-21 That Would Have Been a Long Walk.jpg
13-22 Kim and Sean Take Donkeys Too.jpg
13-23 But Spencer's Donkey is a Bit Too Small for the Task.jpg
13-24 Back At the Visitor's Center.jpg
13-25 The REAL Gift Shop at the End of the Ride.jpg
13-26 Our Jordanian Tour Guide.jpg
13-27 Aquafina in Arabic.jpg
13-28 Coming Back to Israel - Notice the Choice of Languages This Time.jpg
13-29 The Red Sea Was A Bit Cold.jpg
13-30 But Everyone Still Had to Check It Out.jpg
13-31 Spencer and Scot About to Ride the Sling Shot.jpg
13-32 Next it Was Ron and Sean's Turn.jpg
14-01 The View From One of Our Balconies in Eilat.jpg
14-02 Then We Had the OTHER Balcony.jpg
14-03 A Small Sampling of Breakfast Every Day on the Tour.jpg
14-04 The Oil Pipeline From Egypt to Israel.jpg
14-05 The Egypt-Israel Border.jpg
14-06 The Red Sea Glistens.jpg
14-07 Solar Powered Water Heaters - Standard Fare For All of Israel.jpg
14-08 Turtles Try to Escape From Eilat's Underwater Observatory.jpg
14-09 They Have Some Very Strange Looking Fish.jpg
14-10 But the Red Sea is Certainly Beautiful.jpg
14-11 The Family At the Top of the Aquarium Tower.jpg
14-12 Kim Looking Out at the Red Sea.jpg
14-13 Fascinating Map of the Red Sea.jpg
14-14 Sean On the Bus Doing What Sean Does Best.jpg
14-15 Our Future Transportation.jpg
14-16 Spencer and Brian Go For a Ride.jpg
14-17 Scot and Sean Do Also.jpg
14-18 And Kim and Ron Finish it Off.jpg
14-19 The Whole Camel Caravan.jpg
14-20 With Kim and Ron in the Lead.jpg
14-21 Eating Lunch Bedouin Style.jpg
14-22 Random Plants Grow in the Negev.jpg
14-23 And a Kibbutz Brings Water and Agriculture to the Desert.jpg
14-24 Back in Tel Aviv.jpg
14-25 Our Tour Guide Micha and Our Pistol Packing Driver Noam.jpg
14-26 The Family with the Guides.jpg
14-28 This Chicken Was Just Sitting on a Table on the Sidewalk in Tel Aviv.jpg
15-01 Sailing the Mediterranean - Not Quite Like Homer Did it Though.jpg
15-02 The Sailors Return.jpg
15-03 Scot and Sean Check out the Med Sea.jpg
15-04 So This is How All the Parking Problems Started.jpg
15-05 Ben Gurion Airport Area for Flights Going to New York.jpg
15-06 But Fortunately We Had a Non-stop to Los Angeles.jpg
15-07 Sean in the Airport Doing What He Does Best.jpg
15-08 Obviously, Flight Arrangements for Infants Have Changed Over the Years.jpg
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