Vacation_2007_-_2,551_Miles (image 1 through 53 of 53)
Ominous Beginnings.jpg
Still The Colorado is Soon Passed.jpg
All the Way to London Bridge.jpg
Don`t Forget To Shinarump.jpg
Grand Canyon Arival.jpg
Yes It Is This Big.jpg
Lawyer - Law Breaking.jpg
Grand Canyon East Rim.jpg
Vacation Fun Continues.jpg
As Does Errosion of the Canyon.jpg
And Important Family Bonding.jpg
Beware of Revenge 1 Crash at a Time.jpg
Grandure Resides on Road to Utah.jpg
Vertical Sides of Glen Canyon Gorge.jpg
Glen Canyon Dam Holding Back Lake Powell.jpg
Ruby`s - A Surprise and Treasure.jpg
Bryce Canynon - Authentic Tourist Trap.jpg
We Hit the Trail in Style.jpg
But Must Have Crossed the Law.jpg
Tell it to The Hand - Western Antics.jpg
Bryce Canyon HooDoos.jpg
And a Very Long Hike to The Bottom.jpg
A Rock Hugger is Born.jpg
And Bryce Canyon Continues to Grow.jpg
Route 12 - Scenic Byway Doesn`t Disappoint.jpg
But the Petrified Forest is Hiding.jpg
Somewhere at the Top of This Climb.jpg
Sore and Tired - But Petrified Happy.jpg
All the Trail Highlights in 1 Place.jpg
Did We Need to Travel This Far on Foot.jpg
Back on the Road - A Roller Coaster Ride.jpg
Winding Thru Desert - Climbing to Snow.jpg
Our Salt Lake City - Dumpy Hotel.jpg
The Downtown Trams Owned Our Family.jpg
The LDS Center - Built for God.jpg
This Isn`t Even the Largest Organ.jpg
Even the Flowers are Perfect.jpg
A 5 Hour Skip to Idaho`s Gov House.jpg
Up the Slope - With a Block of Ice.jpg
Our Second of Three State Capitals.jpg
Boise Starts to Feel Like Santa Monica.jpg
A Reluctant Hero - Finally Shows Off.jpg
While David and Matthew Recline Like Experts.jpg
Sean Takes Ill - Scot-n-Spencer Plug Back In.jpg
Still Holding On To Republican Promise.jpg
Cat Needs to Get Back In.jpg
Remember to Squint for the Group Shoot.jpg
Idaho Bujarski`s plus Skye.jpg
No 10 Hour Stretch Complete wo Ice Cream.jpg
10 Feet From OR to NV - Casinos.jpg
Kathy and Kim Catching Up.jpg
Jake Gets Loads of Attention.jpg
Then the Gang Loads Back in the Bus.jpg
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