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Sean Back To CTY at CLU.jpg
Sean`s RA Jeff.jpg
Foundations of Psychology Instructors.jpg
Kim and Janie in NYC.jpg
Kim to NYC for Training and Schmoozing.jpg
Scot Rocks.jpg
Sean Rocks 2007.jpg
The Reepers at Day Jams.jpg
Visiting with the Yu family.jpg
The Friedmans Also Arrive.jpg
Peri`s Kids Come to Play.jpg
Peri and Bud read to Adara and Kolit.jpg
Jonny and Adara-Peri and Kolit.jpg
The Classic Traveling Shot.jpg
Scot and Sean See the Mississippi.jpg
At the Gateway to the West.jpg
A 600 Foot Sculpture.jpg
Family at the Arch.jpg
Graffitti at the Arch.jpg
The Boys Walk in the Park.jpg
Anticipation at Danny and Lauren`s Wedding.jpg
Signed Sealed Delivered.jpg
The Goldschmidts all Decked Out.jpg
Rachel Andrew and Flowergirl Sasha.jpg
The Grandfathers Get Involved.jpg
Kim and the Bride and Groom.jpg
The Party Hits High Gear.jpg
Red Heads Cutting the Rug.jpg
Morning Congratulations and Goodbyes.jpg
Sasha loves the fountain.jpg
And to run.jpg
Schmoozing Continues Outside.jpg
Scot Lauren Sean Danny.jpg
And Everyone Grabs Their Camera.jpg
Rachel and Danny-The Pachter Line.jpg
All Airlines Lead to Rome(LA).jpg
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