Birmingham_30th_Reunion (image 1 through 23 of 23)
Birmingham Class of 1979 30th Reunion 2009-1.jpg
The bar was very busy.jpg
Trying to take the class picture.jpg
And the fun shot....jpg
Welcome Fellow Braves Class of 79.jpg
Kim thanks everyone for coming.jpg
The Display Boards.jpg
More Display Boards.jpg
Kim,Tani and Brenda.jpg
Kim and Ron.jpg
Janice Porter and Mark Goodwein.jpg
Ellen G and her husband.jpg
Kim and Larry Moss.jpg
Richard and Cathy Marker.jpg
The class picnic the next day.jpg
The reunion commitee in a much calmer state.jpg
Kim and Gail.jpg
Howard, Kim and Ernie.jpg
Kim and Patti.jpg
Our JUNIOR high class photo from 1973 - Part 1 - BTW - Kim is the farthest left, front row.jpg
Part 2.jpg
Part 3.jpg
Part 4.jpg
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