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Univ Of Redlands Open House 2012-115.jpg
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-101.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-102.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-103.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-104.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-105.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-106.JPG
Spencer's Place of Employment and PhD Studies.JPG
UCLA Admitted Students Day 2012-107.JPG
Spencer 23rd BDay 2012-101.JPG
Spencer 23rd BDay 2012-102.JPG
Sean Prom 2012-101.JPG
Sean Prom 2012-104.JPG
Scot Prom 2012-101.JPG
Scot Prom 2012-102.JPG
Scot Prom 2012-103.JPG
Scot Prom 2012-104.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-101.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-102.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-103.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-104.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-105.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-106.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-107.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-108.JPG
Sean HS Graduation 2012-109.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-101.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-102.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-103.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-104.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-105.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-106.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-107.JPG
Scot HS Graduation 2012-108.JPG
One Too Many Night's of Final Exam Study.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-101.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-102.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-103.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-104.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-105.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-106.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-107.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-108.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-109.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-110.JPG
Scot's future dorm at U of R Connections_Day-136.JPG
Univ of Redlands Connections Day-140.JPG
Scot practicing to be a college student at U of R Library-147.JPG
Scot Moves To Univ Of Redlands-101.JPG
Scot Moves To Univ Of Redlands-102.JPG
Scot Moves To Univ Of Redlands-103.JPG
Scot's Dorm at U of R-104.JPG
Scot's New Home all decked out-105.JPG
Sean Moves To UCLA-101.JPG
Sean Moves To UCLA-102.JPG
The family helps with Dorm Set up for Sean at UCLA-103.JPG
And for the important things for a college student-104.JPG
Sean fully set up at UCLA-105.JPG
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