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Ron and Scot Enjoy the Steak at Flemmings.JPG
Spencer and Sean Join In For Kim's Birthday Dinner.JPG
The Whole Gang Enjoys Flemmings Steaks.JPG
Halloween 2010.JPG
Study Purgatory Returned Too Quickly.JPG
But Sean and His faux-Katana Escaped Briefly.JPG
New Jew Invades LAX.JPG
NCJHS Heads To The South.JPG
Devin and Scot Ready to Depart.JPG
BHS 79 After a Hard Day at Operation Gratitude.JPG
Then It's Christmas Packages For The Troops.JPG
Scot Israeli Dance Show at NCJHS.JPG
Then A Time Warp Kicked Us Back To The 60's.JPG
Who Could Resist, Once The the Supremes Hit.JPG
Kim and Jan revisit 1967.JPG
60s Karaoke at its Finest.JPG
Millman Law Lobby Sign.JPG
Millman Law Office.JPG
The New Law Office Of Kim Millman Esq..JPG
Then It Is Time To Construct The Holidays.JPG
The Christmas Tree Out Shone The Hannukah Bush.JPG
Even More When Covered With Gifts From Around The Country.JPG
Don't Ask, We Were All Confused.....JPG
The Hair Is Messier, But The Grin Has Remained The Same.JPG
Yes, It Was This Cold In Los Angeles.JPG
Spencer Receives the Winter Coat- Just in Time to Visit Kency in DC.JPG
The Perfect Kim Gift - A Teeny Tiny Brady Bunch Book.JPG
The Perfect Ron Gift - an Incredible Smart Phone.JPG
Scot REALLY loves his Nook.JPG
The Nook eReader Caught Everyone's Fancy.JPG
But The Gift Of The Decade, Was A Four Wheel Loaner.JPG
Christmas Day Candid Shots Start In Earnest.JPG
Craig And Tabita Share A Moment And Hot Chocolate.JPG
While In The Other Room, Hands Make Their Points Clear.JPG
Mark and Jamie at the Johnson Xmas Party.JPG
The Wiggles, errr Bujarskis.JPG
Everybody is Officially Tired of Food.JPG
Debi Gleaming With Motherly Pride, Holding Skyler's Efforts.JPG
And Sidney Glams It Up.JPG
And Craig Pulls Out Another Skyler Piece.JPG
Zuckermans Pose At The Jay In LA Party.JPG
Debi and Jay and She Who Shall Not be Photographed at Jay in LA 2010.JPG
Sidney and Debi.JPG
Don't Dare Try To Read Those Number Candles.JPG
Happy Birthday to Roooon, Happy Birthday to You.JPG
The Lowell Family Helps to Celebrate Ron's 50th.JPG
The Triplets (since pre-school).JPG
Kim and Ron.JPG
The Leibovitch Family at Jay in LA 2010.JPG
Kim and Brenda at Jay In LA 2010.JPG
Debi, Jay, Kim and Sidney.JPG
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