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Samantha returns to California for Winter Break 2008.jpg
Spencer and Sean assemble the 'Christmas Tree'.jpg
Samantha helps with the Hanukkah Bush.JPG
Skyler strums while Samantha plays chords.jpg
The Crowning Star (of David).JPG
Spencer and Samantha make an Ant Hotel.jpg
Samantha visits with Snickers.jpg
Spencer builds his own ant hotel.jpg
Despite our best efforts, this year's ant hotel was an epic failure.jpg
Fortunately, Xmas morning was not.jpg
Ron's gift comes in the most appropriate bag.jpg
Samantha receives a most appropriate T-shirt.jpg
Kim shows off one of her three, make that two, coats.jpg
Samantha shows off her warm fuzzy robe.jpg
Xmas Day at the Johnsons visiting with the Kavanaughs.jpg
The Kavanaugh Family.jpg
Samantha Spencer and Skyler taking self portraits.jpg
Jonathan and Tabita show off their obscene holiday gift.jpg
Ron, Scot and Sean show off their sweaters from the Johnsons.jpg
The Leibovitch Family at the Jay in LA Party.jpg
Bud, Zadie, Dan and Lauren at the Jay in LA Party.jpg
Jay, Debi, Brenda and Kim all freeze at the Jay in LA Party.jpg
Bowling with the Bujarski Bunch.jpg
More bowling.jpg
Sean, Samm and Scot go paintballing.jpg
Samm learns the fine art of getting hit with a paintball.jpg
Samm and Spencer use up their leftover paintballs.jpg
Sean and Scot use up their paintballs.jpg
Ron shows off his battle scars.jpg
Samm is equally paint covered.jpg
Samantha gets her annual LA pedicure.jpg
And manicure too!-1.jpg
Celebrating Ron's birthday at the Smoke House.jpg
The tradtional walking shot - this time at Knott's Berry Farm.jpg
The Family boards the Silver Bullet at Knott's.jpg
The Screaming Swing.jpg
And how the Screaming Swing gets its name .....jpg
X-celerator, did someone forget to finish building this..jpg
This car made it back alive.jpg
Getting prepared to launch from Montezuma's Revenge.jpg
The Bujarski Cousins at Amoeba record store.jpg
Samm checks out Westwood and UCLA.jpg
New Year's Eve 2009.jpg
Samantha and Scot usher in the New Year.jpg
Dan and Lauren prepare to return to New York (and Zadie says good-bye too).jpg
Samm shows off her New Years 'Happy Haircut'.jpg
The Bujarski Cousins in their best pose.jpg
Hanging out on Samm's last night-1.jpg
The Cousins had a great vacation.jpg
Samm at the airport at 6 AM - YUCK.jpg
Samm is ALWAYS texting.......jpg
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