Milestones_and_Graduations_For_Kim_and_Spencer (image 1 through 38 of 38)
Prom Bound and Dapper.jpg
Spencer Shimshone Elush and Sean.jpg
The Limo Was Packed.jpg
Anna-H Sean and Anna.jpg
Anna and Spencer.jpg
Kim`s Home Away from Home.jpg
Kim and Jessica.jpg
Kim and Janelle.jpg
Janelle, Kim and Kyle.jpg
Rebecca and Kim.jpg
Dean Starr at the Podium.jpg
Zadie, Mary, Scot and Sean.jpg
Prof Kerr and Popovich arrive.jpg
Graduate Kim Awaits.jpg
The `Hood`.jpg
Almost There.jpg
Hugging Dean Starr.jpg
Look What I Got.jpg
Kim and Rebecca.jpg
Kim, Jim, Prof Popovich and the family.jpg
Kim and Prof Ogden.jpg
Kim and Emily.jpg
Kim Ezra and Aurelle Section-A Publishes.jpg
Kim and Jim.jpg
Kim Audrey and Patrick.jpg
Jolene and Dean Gash.jpg
The Family Celebrates.jpg
Sean and Starr Consultation.jpg
Computer Science Medalist.jpg
Mathematics Award.jpg
Physics Award.jpg
Spencer Marches Just Right Of Center.jpg
Moment Of Truth.jpg
Science Bowl 2nd in Region.jpg
Science Bowl Group 2.jpg
Family Graduation Dinner.jpg
The Graduate.jpg
Spencer`s UCLA Future Home.jpg
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