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The Empty Nesters Head to Kauai Hawaii-101.JPG
Nice Digs For A Real Cheap Rate-102.JPG
Nice Digs For A Real Cheap Rate-103.JPG
Risking Life And Limb For A Shot-104.JPG
Lots Of Green And Wet, Not So Much Pavement-105.JPG
The Red Mud Island, Kauai Hawaii-106.JPG
The Grand Canyon of The Pacific-107.JPG
Sign Says It All, Just A Couple Miles From Prior Shots-108.JPG
Non-Indiginous Roosters Run The Show-109.JPG
Fun To Drive, Even In A Ford-110.JPG
The Better Way To See Kauai-111.JPG
I Need To Work On My Selfie Technique-112.JPG
Sacred North Island Beaches, No Houlies Allowed-113.JPG
These Beaches Aren't Even Accessible By Land-114.JPG
Remote Yes, But Still A Couple Kamehameha Sites-115.JPG
And A Robust Hemp Business-116.JPG
Pineapples Start Out So Tiny And Cute-117.JPG
The Princeville Golf Course Is Tops On Kauai-118.JPG
The Princeville Course Is Quite A Challenge-119.JPG
The Princeville Course Is Quite A Challenge-120.JPG
The Princeville Course Is Quite A Challenge-121.JPG
The Retired Most Northern Light House-122.JPG
The Still Active Most Northern Light Beacon-123.JPG
Coffee Follows Hemp As The Biggest Island Crop-124.JPG
So Cute, Baby Coffee Beans-125.JPG
Lots Of Whales Were Being Very Friendly-126.JPG
Lava Rock And Lots Of Rain Make An Interesting Mix-127.JPG
In Kauai The Whales Like To Wave To The Seagulls-128.JPG
A Fitting Last Night On Kauai Sunset-129.JPG
The Grave Yards Are Interesting, A Domestic Beer Fan-130.JPG
I Would Guess A Plumber Of Modest Means-131.JPG
You Can Do Pretty Much Anything You Want As A Memorial-132.JPG
Debi Gets Serious About Her Dancing-010.JPG
Already A Sophomore Scot Has Perfected Sleeping-003.JPG
But He Knows How To Study As Well-006.JPG
Sean Sophomore Year Back At UCLA-001.JPG
Sean Sophomore Dorm 2013-016.JPG
Spencer And Mona Ham It Up For The Camera At Home-004.JPG
Practicing That Professor Look-005.JPG
Scot Has His Own Special Style-006.JPG
Sean Gets Serious Now That We Combed His Hair-007.JPG
Not Sure What To Say About This One-008.JPG
Mona Fitting Right In On Family Picture Day-009.JPG
The Three Horseman Of Charlies Angels-010.JPG
The Art Director Has Lost Control Of Her Models-011.JPG
Smiling Even When The Camera Isn't Looking-012.JPG
Scot And Sean Thinking They Are At Sears-014.JPG
California Casual Gingers Know How To Model-015.JPG
Now Try Looking Away From The Camera-016.JPG
Try It Really, Hold Your Hand Out Like This-017.JPG
Or Make A Face Like This, Girls Think It's Funny-018.JPG
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