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You have reached the Bujarski.com web portal site. Feel free to browse around and get to know some of the Bujarski clan. If you want to use, participate and expand this site, use the contact page and drop me a line.

This site is intended to be a central contact point and online resource for Bujarski family members. It can host e-mail accounts for family members, like Ronald.L@Bujarski.com, and it can also provide you with simple documentation on how to use these e-mail accounts.

However the true intent and value of the site is to let individual Bujarski families build, publish and share their own pages and images whenever they choose. If you would like to publish your own pages, just contact me and I will setup an FTP account for you to use. That account will then point to your own directory on this site. On the resource page there are a few links to free software tools that will make creating web pages, particularly pages that present pictures, very easy. If you prefer to send me your images, I can build simple photo album pages for you and then move them to the site.

Once the pages have been built and loaded, there are two primary ways to share these pages with your friends and relatives. One way is to determine the web address that will go directly to those pages. A page containing pictures from California - Ron's birthday party, might have a link similar to:. "http://www.bujarski.com/CA/Ron/birthday/index.html". If you want to share your pages with everyone accessing www.Bujarski.com, shoot me an e-mail and I will add a link on the News page or Images page of the site. Those pages will be great places to check on from time to time.



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