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About this site

This domain originally started as a political web site. When sanity finally returned, several family members decided to use this site as both a learning tool and a central location to share information and images. Technology has finally moved forward enough to make this type of endeavor inexpensive and easy enough for most teenagers to learn. That means the rest of us older folks may end up needing some help from our kids.

This site can be a simple way for you to share your memories with friends and family as well as with the rest of the Bujarski clan. It can host e-mail accounts that won't be shared with the spamming public in any way. You will also find links here to software that will let you edit you pictures easily and build simple web pages to share them. I have also included links on the Resources page to providers that can make web browsing safer for your kids and links to software tools to keep your computer running better.

The goal is to help all of us Bujarski's more easily stay in touch and to share the growth of our kids and transformations of our lives. Welcome aboard.


Where to Look

The primary pages you will want to pay attention to are the News page and the Images page. Here you will find public announcements and links to new pages. Remember that most of the pages on the site will be private locations, so even if the News and Images links are not changing frequently, the site is still being used. I would like to hear about significant life events so that I can add those announcements to the News page.

Another page you will want to look in on is the Resources page. On this page you will find links to several valuable resources. There are links to software packages that will make your web page building easier, and there are links to programs and providers that let you remote connect to your home computers and keep those computers running smoothly. If you know of a valuable resource or tool that you would like to share with the rest of us, contact this site and I'll add the link for everyone to access.