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This site was created in just one day using an older web page development program and a few newer software tools to build the images pages. It started with a free, publicly available site template and an inexpensive photo scanner. You may find the links on this page will help you get more out of this site and more out of your online life. This page has been generally split up into service providers that will help you get online quickly and safely, and software tools that will help you build pages quickly and keep your computer running. If you have found a valuable resource or software package, let me know and they can be added to this page.

- BSafeOnline is a great resource for both internet filtering software that will protect your kids from inappropriate content. They also can provide filtered e-mail accounts that automatically suppress spam and offensive content. The can be reached at

If you want to remotely access your computer or log into your friends computer to help them trouble shoot an issue, remote control software may be for you. You can find FREE software that requires some networking knowledge to setup, or you can create your own FREE account at Log Me In. Their home page is at .

- I have found a couple resources for Free Web Site Templates. To get a head start on your own web site try or There are many many sites that offer inexpensive templates that are very dynamic and/or include Flash animated elements. Most of these range from $50 to $150. Just search Google for "web templates".

- There are many inexpensive web hosts to choose from. While GoDaddy may be the least expensive, my personal preference is for either EasyCGI if you already have some experience or Network Solutions if you are building your first couple sites.


Software to Check Out

There are many great software programs available today (Windows not withstanding) and many of them are FREE. Since software version change very quickly, below I have provided links to the download pages for these programs instead of the programs themselves. Enjoy and let me know of any other programs you would recommend.

- Yes Google now does software and Bill Gates is not too happy about it. A great FREE program of theirs for reviewing, editing and publishing images to web pages is Picasa Several of the photo pages on this site were created using this program. Another page building program that is a little more advanced with many more templates is JAlbum . It is the 3rd of 4th link down on this page.

- A straightforward and very compatible remote connection program is RealVNC. You may need to know a little networking to configure this program, but there is a FREE version at RealVNC.

- If you are tired of paying for your virus protection software, and you don't have a current AOL account (their McAfee version works pretty well), you should check out Grisoft's AVG program. Start with this link and be sure to select the FREE download version.

- Spyware is one of the biggest and most persistent problems I find on peoples computers. These little programs automatically install as you browse the internet and not only monitor your browsing but slow down your computer as well. Microsoft has a very promising beta program that can be downloaded, but until they release the full version, I would still recommend Lavasoft's Ad-Aware program. You can find the FREE version (SE Personal) on their web site but you will have to look around a bit. You may have better luck going to the spyware page at

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